The Friday the 3/4 children came to ‘teach’ us measurement!

The 3/4 children kindly came to Preps to teach them some strategies they could use to measure time and length. They also brought some activities all about space. We had games like “What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ to bingo, to board games to mazes. The older children showed amazing understanding and confidence in working with the younger Preps. Well Done. The Preps had a wonderful time.


Have a look at our video of the morning.

What’s happening in Term 4

What an exciting start to the term!
New classroom! Wow!
If you haven’t yet seen it, you really need to come in and have a look!

Now for the more ‘formal’ part:
This Term in RE we are covering two units.

Unit 1: “God’s Great Family”
In this unit, the children learn about belonging to God’s family.

Unit 2: “Emmanuel!God is with us!”
In this unit, the children will learn about the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Our Inquiry units for this term are “Living things” and “Our stories.”
In ‘Living things’ the children will be looking at how humans, animals and plants change as they grow. What do living things need to grow and how does the weather and seasons affect us?

In ‘Our stories’ we will share our family stories, look at our experiences with our families and we will share our Christmas traditions.