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  • A bag suitable for your child’s size and needs
  • An art smock
  • A nutritious play lunch (little lunch) and lunch (big lunch).  Each should be healthy and include a sandwich/pasta/rice and a piece of fruit.

Click here for lunchbox tips.

  • There are students at Holy Rosary who have an anaphylactic reaction to nuts, therefore the school is a nut free school.  Please ensure no food containing nuts or nut products is in your child’s lunch box.  It is important that children do not share food to avoid a possible allergic reaction.
  • Drinks:  Water only, this is a part of our healthy school plan.


Your child’s Prep year should be a positive and enjoyable experience.   Below are some tips particularly for the early days of Prep to establish good habits and routines.

Food for energy:

Be sure your child has a balanced breakfast and a healthy lunch and snack prepared for the school day

Sleep and Routine:

Many children (and teachers!) find the first few weeks of school very tiring. It is advisable to get plenty of rest and establish a good routine of early bed times.

Arrive in plenty of time:

Arrive at school well before the bell to allow time to say goodbye and for your child to join others at play.  The children come into class at 8.45 am and begin learning straight away by choosing activities which interest them.

Saying Goodbye: 

All children vary in how they transition to school.  At first it may take a while for your child to feel secure.  Once he or she has settled into school, a short and reassuring goodbye encourages independence.

Going home:

Preps have a shorter day than the rest of the school students for the first three weeks of Term 1, finishing at 1.00 pm.  Please arrive in time to collect your child and wait outside until your child is brought out by his/her teacher.  Preps start full time on the 23rd February.


We ask children who take off their jumpers to put them in their bags. Inevitably though with many children in the room, jumpers may end up elsewhere.  Please label items of uniform so we know who an item belongs to.  Lunchboxes and water bottles should also be labelled.


The children will all bring home a reader each night.  In Prep we do not set homework. We believe that the best homework is reading to children, playing games as a family and talking with your children.  Reading should be an enjoyable experience for children.  We like Mem Fox’s ‘Read Aloud Commandments’. for reminding us to truly enjoy reading aloud!

Early in the Term 1 we will be looking for parents to assist in the classroom.  A ‘Working with Children Check’ is required for parents to help in the classroom.


Communication between parents and teachers is essential in order to provide the best educational opportunities for children.

We believe parents are vital in the teaching and learning process, so we provide many avenues for effective communication and support, such as weekly newsletters, Parent/Teacher interviews, reports and of course our class blog.  Please feel free to contact us to make a time outside of school hours to discuss any aspect of your child’s education.

Parents are requested to communicate in writing the reasons for their child’s absence, any change of address or contact numbers.  Please notify the classroom teacher or principal of anything which has occurred which may affect a student’s learning or behaviour.



Physical Education: Joanne


Art: Angels

Movement and Music: Carmel

Library: Margaret

Japanese: Pippa


Bells are rung at the following times:

  • 8.45am: music – students to enter classrooms
  • 11.00am : lunch bell – commence eating in classrooms
  • 11.10am : bell to play
  • 11.45am : music  – drink, toilet, line up
  • 11.50am : bell – enter classrooms
  • 1.50pm : bell to play
  • 2.25pm :music – drink, toilet, line up
  • 2:30pm: bell – enter classrooms
  • 3.25pm : dismissal (3.00pm on Wednesdays due to staff meeting).


  • Follow instructions
  • Listen to others and put your hand up to speak
  • Walk when you are inside.
  • Keep your body and objects to yourself.
  • Speak nicely, no teasing or “put downs”
  • Ask permission to use another person’s property and use all property with care.

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