Our trip to the beach!

Yesterday we had such a fabulous day at Williamstown beach. The bus picked us up and took us to the park first for a snack. Then we walked across the road to the beach and boy was it a beautiful day for the beach! We got into small groups and had an explore along the sand. The water felt nice and cool on our feet. We found lots of interesting things like seaweed, crabs and sea snails. We then had a play, built sand castles and had our lunch. Before we went home we had some races on the sand. That was a lot of fun! What an amazing day!

The Big Boat Challenge

In the last few weeks we have been learning about water. We have learnt about bubbles and some ways that water moves, and last week we were learning about floating and sinking. The Preps were given only a few materials with which to make their own boats. Today we tested the boats to see if they would sink or float on their own and holding marbles. Most of the boats floated which was exciting, only a few sunk to the bottom.